Professional breeding and showing of German Spitz


I have always loved the look of Pomeranians since being a young girl but always had the fear of them being so small and me being clumsy, that it was not a good idea. However whilst showing our Cairns & Flat-coats at the Scottish Kennel Club back in 2008 and with my mum stewarding the German Spitz, I remember falling in love with them all, they were so lovely.

A few years later, when the time was right, I purchased my First Boy Toddy (Mittel) in April 2012 and couldn’t have asked for a better dog.
He has made me fall head over heels in love with them and at his first ever show he won best puppy dog, best puppy in breed and then best puppy in show! He captures the hearts of everyone he meets. I also own one girl, Steffi, as well and my mum couldn’t help but join in as she had fallen for the breed too.
She soon got Albert, Rosie and Victoria. All our Spitz are eye tested and once old enough, patella tested.
We have now bred our Spitz and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of a new breed, learning and seeing the difference in them even as puppies.

Over 40 years’ experience breeding and whelping dogs in the Bury St Edmunds area.
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The German Spitz is a versatile breed and makes for a lovely companion. They are intelligent, eager to please, have a wonderful disposition and love going for long walks and playing. They make fantastic pets, good at agility and are great fun to show. They are not a difficult breed to maintain, as long as you groom them thoroughly.
Much like Cairns they have a Happy Outlook on life and just walk into a home like they’ve lived there forever.

The German Spitz breeds come in 2 varieties – The Klein variety should measure between 23 and 29 centimetres (9 and 11½ inches) classed as a small breed, while the Mittel stands between 30 and 38 centimetres (12 and 15 inches) and are classed as a Medium Breed. Apart from this the two should be identical in shape and characteristics. Interestingly, there are no restrictions on colour.

The German Spitz has a harsh outer coat coupled with a thick undercoat which insulates them against all weathers.


We have available 4 German Spitz boys for stud work, see stud dog page.
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