Professional breeders of Flatcoated Retrievers


Colin Saich enjoys shooting and in the past worked alongside several gamekeepers with their dogs.
He decided he would like his own dog, but wanted a different breed to the then-popular Labradors and Golden Retrievers. So we looked at different Gun dogs until we discovered the wonderful Flatcoated Retrievers.

Our first Flatcoat joined us at the age of 8 weeks in 1979. Called Emma, Kennel Club name: “Downstream Jaffa of Lindcoly” and bred by Peter & Shirley of the Johnson’s Downstream Kennels.
I remember it well as I was actually expecting my first child Karen. Emma was our first Gun dog, and it wasn’t too long before I was pinching her from Colin and entering her at shows. We had lovely litters from Emma which started our Lindcoly lines.

We have bred and shown some very memorable boys and girls over the years, some like Emma being very good in the Show Ring and soon gaining their Stud Book Numbers. We do not show our Flatcoats extensively due to campaigning our other breeds. Having said that, however, we have qualified some of our Flatcoats for Crufts 2017.

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The Flatcoat is a slow-maturing dog, retaining their delightful puppy-like qualities for several years. An extrovert, with an incessantly wagging tail, they are always happy, eager to please and full of good humour.

A tireless worker in the field, they are an excellent water dog and a natural swimmer. They love human companionship and have a deep bark which makes them a good guard dog, giving warning of any strangers or intruders.

They are in their element in the country and were at one time popularly known as the gamekeepers’ dog.