Find out more about our prized Cairn Terriers


Colin & I first started with West Highland Whites in the early 70s and soon brought our first Cairn – “Honey” (Kennel Club name “Ugadale Silver Dawn”) from John Alexander of the “Ugadale” kennel.
We fell in love with the breed, enjoying their companionship and cheeky characters both in the show ring and at home.

This love for the Cairn Terriers has been shared down 3 generations of the Saich family. Our original lines came from Ugadale, Courtrai, Uniquecottage, Avenelhouse and Redletter – a combination of these lines have given us the modern Lindcoly Cairn Terrier.

Our family are besotted with Cairns and work extremely hard to develop their kind and happy natures, we also strive to make sure our Cairns have sound movement and good solid breeding lines.

As we have been involved with Cairns for over 40 years we have been fortunate enough to make two Home Bred Champions:

  • Champion Lindcoly Miss Simply Super (pet name Kelly)
  • Champion Lindcoly King’s Legend (pet name Chad)
  • We have also bred many CC and RCC winners.

Lindcoly have over 40 years’ experience breeding and showing Cairn Terriers, for more information call us on: 01638 721 880


Dogs of the Cairn type can be traced back some 500 years, and the breed’s development runs parallel with that of the Skye, West Highland White and Scottish Terriers.
In fact, when first exhibited in 1909, it was known as the Shorthaired Skye Terrier.

Scottish in ancestry, this small, sturdy terrier is in every way a game little dog. They are very natural, with a slightly shaggy, but not unkempt appearance, and have a double waterproof coat which takes little effort to look after.
They have a particularly expressive head, which is set off by dark, sparkling eyes that give a good indication of their character. They have small pricked ears and shaggy eyebrows and their expression can change from mischievousness to one of gentle devotion very quickly.

They love people, can be able swimmers and are great hunters (admittedly some of ours do look at a river then back at us as if to say – you first!)
Ready for any activity, they make an ideal companion for a family, fitting in well with any lifestyle and are a very adaptable breed.


Obviously having Terriers for so long Linda Saich has become very experienced at hand stripping and has been running a Grooming Parlour for over 40 years. She is very happy to teach future Cairn owners how to strip the coat down and keep it in good order.